Artificial Intelligence in APEC

Overview of the state of AI in APEC economies and the enabling initiatives that will further drive adoption

Artificial Intelligence in APEC is part of an initiative to raise the profile of AI on APEC’s agenda. The study illustrates how AI-based technologies are being implemented across APEC economies to spur economic growth, address societal challenges, and solve critical business issues. It also sets forth several recommendations from the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) on how APEC can take a more active role in addressing the policy implications of AI-based technologies.

“As we release this report, APEC economies are facing the twin threats of a global pandemic and an economic crisis that will leave its mark on our communities for years to come. How APEC economies address the accelerated rise of the digital economy and leverage new technologies like AI is one of the most pressing issues of our times”.

Dato Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood
APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Chair 2020

AI Initiatives and Their Impact Across the APEC Region

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are being integrated into the digitalization of private and public sector enterprise across APEC member economies. Companies of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to MSMEs and major industrial enterprises, are using AI to improve competitiveness by optimizing business processes, automating tasks, and reducing costs. AI is enabling businesses to offer new products and services, while enabling governments to improve both their own efficiencies and their service offerings to citizens.

Snapshot of Domestic AI Strategies, Agencies, and Initiatives

A majority of APEC member economies already have a plan, policy, or program specifically devoted to driving or supporting AI ecosystems. While their approaches differ, they generally strive to stimulate AI development to the benefit of their economy, while preparing society for the potential changes that may be brought about by AI.

Trust: Providing a Framework for Ethical AI

For the widest adoption of AI, people must have confidence they can trust the technology. Ethical AI development and responsible AI use have emerged as key concerns, particularly as more AI-enabled devices, platforms, and services leverage citizens’ and consumers’ data.

6 Key Recommendations to Support Widespread AI Adoption across APEC Economies

AI Case Studies from APEC Member Economies

Today AI is being applied to address immediate productivity, profitability and competition challenges of all sizes and from all sectors as well as more long-term issues that require complex, multi-layered solutions.